Oceans Destroyed- Come Let’s Celebrate Oceans Day!

June 8, 2023|

The ocean was blue and beautiful. Now, it looks like drainage predominantly with plastic, and oil spillage. The house of over 1,000,000 species is destroyed day by day by the most intelligent people on this [...]

  • Art Therapy

Art Therapy and Need for Education in Arts

May 13, 2023|

People who cannot express their feelings to others due to anxiety or sadness may benefit from art therapy. You must focus on the task and what you are doing right now to produce; you must [...]

  • IPL

IPL timings- Nemesis for Human Biological Clock

May 2, 2023|

T20 cricket is the new boss in the town. Across the world, many countries are using this lucrative cricket format to earn revenue. New talent is awarded lucrative deals by various teams in T20 leagues [...]

  • NCF Draft and the Possible Changes

NCF Draft and the Possible Changes that Might Come

April 18, 2023|

If the government accepts the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) draught, grade 12 students enrolled in the academic year 2024–2025 will be required to sit for two board examinations. Modular board exams would replace a single [...]

  • Students in Canada

Sudden Deportations for Students in Canada causing a Panic

March 26, 2023|

Over 700 Indian students are reportedly on the verge of being deported from Canada after their admission offer letters to universities were discovered false. Canada Border Security Agency (CBSA) deportation notices were recently delivered to [...]