The ocean was blue and beautiful. Now, it looks like drainage predominantly with plastic, and oil spillage. The house of over 1,000,000 species is destroyed day by day by the most intelligent people on this planet – Humans.

The tummy of turtles has now indigested coca cola plastic, ice cream cups, and spoons covered, only to be seen after conducting an autopsy of the creatures.

death wish for the poor animal

Some humans in the Caribbean Ocean might have thought to beautify blue-striped grunt fish so they left bands in Ocean, but it turned out to be a death wish for the poor animal.

death wish for the poor fishes

The largest seabird Albatrosses is also a victim of this Ocean pollution. With more than 6 feet wing span, it travels thousands of kilometres without touching land and is unable to find the plastic-free ocean.

Mistaking for food, these birds and their babies eat marine debris floating in the ocean. Poor mother Albrotesses sometime mistakenly feed plastic to their babies too along with fish it catches in the ocean.

Here is a dead Albatrosses chick intestine filled with plastic in the intestine.

death wish for the poor animals

Our Industrial effluents and drainage systems dispose of treated/untreated waste into oceans silently, as puzzled marine animals fail to understand what is happening.

Oceans Destroyed- Come Lets Celebrate Oceans

As if slow but sure death is not enough by these methods humans across the world are over-exploiting oceans by doing ramping fishing activity. More than 80% of marine animals are killed already, for meat, oil, medicinal needs and for enjoyment too- trophy hunting.

Today is World Oceans Day, and is there anything good we humans have done for Ocean to celebrate?

We, humans, must realize that in the long term, only we have to bear the consequences of this pollution. The images of the Japan tsunami where the ocean moved a few kilometres forward destroying the lives of people, still haunt us.

Nature reacts to the imbalance in the ecosystem, in its way and its style. We can’t predict.

The only thing in our hands is not to pollute. Neither ocean nor the beach. It is our collective responsibility to safeguard oceans.

Are you ready?