Girl, Women’s safety is a serious concern in many countries presently playing ICC World Cup 2023. 736 million women are subjected to violence worldwide. Atrocities like mental harassment, domestic violence, physical attacks, trafficking, sexual attacks and many more crimes happen to women daily in various walks of their lives.

Since COVID-19 atrocities on women increased further by their partners and also at the workplace, because of the increase in poverty, unpaid care, sexual exploitation and domestic work as all of these increase violence against girls and women.

ICC World Cup 2023 Venues Can Speak Women’s Safety

Heart-wrenching scenes of crimes on girls, and women surface daily. Political parties blame each other pointing fingers at each other failures in safeguarding women’s lives, but the core problem is never addressed. This is where, as a society, we must step in to discuss openly the issue of violence against girls and women at various forums.

ICC World Cup 2023 is a big cricketing event followed by millions across the globe. An event which can be used to highlight the seriousness of violence against girls and women with stats and a message on ways to help stop crimes against them.

The staggering figure of 736 million girls and women suffering will surely hit the souls of many. The message will be an eye-opener to the world. The ICC World Cup 2023 organizers can get the message scrolling on giant screens in stadiums, and run it as an advertisement campaign on TV.

A man at home who indulges in domestic violence against his wife will get a message.

 A manager at the office who tortures female employees will get a message.

A boy who physically assaults his girlfriend will get a message.

 Many others will get a message.

The message is clear to the offenders, that the world is watching your atrocities and girls, and women. They are not alone and many sane voices will fight for their safety and security.

People’s pressure will push governments to work practically in implementing solutions for girls’, and women’s safety.

I have mentioned how can ICC World Cup 2023 help ensure girls’ and women’s safety.

But, is the ICC World Cup 2023 ready to help, is the question?