Hardik Pandya got injured and out of the cricket World Cup 2023. he had hurt his right ankle during the match against Bangladesh. He had earned his place in the Indian team as an bowling all rounder who would win match for us from any situation.

However, his fitness was a concern lately, and he was in an out of the team due to his injuries.

He had earned the place in the team as an bowling all rounder who would win match for Team India in any situation. Now, as his replacement Prasidh Krishna is named by BCCI.

But is Prasidh Krishna the correct choice and how can India try to overcome the vaccum of Hardik Pandya? We will try to see analyze different permutations and combinations which India can try in the absence of Hardik Pandya.

Before be we begin let us see Hardik Pandya stats and find out what does he bring to the team actually?

Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya

With the experience of 86 matches Hardik Pandya has scored over 1600 runs and taken 84 wickets in this career this is huge as an bowling all rounder after Kapil Dev who helped India to win many matches. Though it is never right to compare a legend like Kapil to Hardik Pandya but understanding that both were seamers and good Batsmen will make us realize how important was Hardik Pandya presence in this cricket world cup 2023.

Kapil Dev

Though we have spin bowling all rounders like Jadeja but having a swing bowling all rounder like Hardik Pandya is asset for team India.

Shardul Thakur

Though Shardul Thakur bowling is impressive but his batting skills are not so formidable compared to Hardik Pandya.

Prasid Krishna

Prasidh Krishna

Prasidh Krishna  has played only over 17 ODI matches in his entire and is no match to Hardik Pandya.

There is no right replacement for the Hardik Pandya right now, rightly said by Dravid. Even stats prove it.

So the only option that might be left for us to check for this swing bowling bowling option is Mr Kohli.

Though it was funnily said by wankhede crowd and Rahul Dravid but it looks Kohli must be groomed to ball few overs along with Jadeja and support Indian team.

When Sachin can ball why not Virat Kohli?