On a late night, walking lonely to you home on a deserted street what would you be thinking- Just to reach home fast and safe, right?
Lot of things come to mind.

Will I be robbed, what if any one attacks me, many other things. Also, about fear of STREET DOGS.

The dogs population is increasing rapidly day by day, and are cause of many attacks, deaths of new born, children and even women. There are many instances where across various locations across India we found humans suffered because of their attacks.

No place is safe for people from these STREET DOGS. From Kozhikode to Srinagar hundreds of humans are victim to uncontrolled rabid street dogs.
35-40 million stray days in India account for the highest number of rabies cases in the world with around about 20,000 people dying from it every year.

How can we forget recent (18 October 2022) Noida baby incident brutal murder soon. The baby intestine has been ripped off from body, and eventually baby was killed at hospital. The poor parents lost their loved one. There are allegations against parents who are labourers not attending their child. But WHO EXPECTS THE MEAT HUNGRY DOGS ARE STAYING IN NOIDA SOCIETY?

There is no justice for toddler parents till now. Dog lovers are in arms, say dogs are innocent, and point out mistake of parents who left child unattended.

Street Dogs Menace in India

Street Dogs Menace in India

We can’t say who is to be mistaken, but it is undebatable fact that street dogs are cause of numerous attacks and deaths across India. It is very urgent need to regulate their population. Culling them is no solution, but birth control operation for dogs is need of hour.

The human-dog conflict must have a solution, and everyone in society need to understand the severity of the situation and help control dog population.
What do you say?