Rob enters the British Museum!

The next day at the museum, Golden Chariot from “Oxus treasure” is missing from Room no.52. The 5 Feet Curator Sam notices it and shouts, “Chariot is Gone!” as the museum opened. The “Oxus treasure” is a collection of about 180 surviving pieces of metalwork in gold and silver, most relatively small, and around 200 coins, at the museum.

“The British Museum at Russell Square with 94 galleries often visited by three people, Annie, Jim, Murray in the past three weeks,” mentions Travis Head, the inspector from the Ottawa police department who has taken charge of the investigation. He further notices, “There is sudden power interruption on the day of theft due to thunder lighting, and the backup generator was also faulty”.

The Inspector of police speaking to the media says “The Golden Chariot was stolen at 2:00 pm and they are interrogating five suspects and when the incident occurred the room was not opened to the public but was under renovation. The painter Rob was undertaking the work overlooked by Curator Sam during the day” he adds, “Everyone is suspect until found innocent, as no one is around room 52 except these five people including the curator, I am interrogating them, he says”.

“The day when the theft occurred, it was cloudy and started raining”, says Jim, one of the suspects, to the Inspector as he interrogates him along with other suspects. Annie, another suspect, adds, “I could hear a thud sound as she was walking around room number 45”.
Rob and Sam mention they were in the room, but on the opposite side of it and were also telling about the rough climate they saw on the day of the robbery, with windows shattering.
Inspector heads to the Ottawa station and sits down with the clues to understand except one, all others were mentioning the rough climate.

Activity: If you are an inspector what clues would you collect here?

Murray, another suspect tells the inspector that he was in room number 42 and was wandering around the place, could see a long shadow but couldn’t see the person as it was cloudy and unclear.

Inspector asks the Curator, “Who is Rob?” to which the Curator tells, “He is a painter from London and has been working with the museum for the last 5 years”.

The 7-foot shoe mark that was present at the place of theft evoked suspicion in the police. Travis head now feels assured that 2 real suspects needed interrogation further. Annie, Jim feel relieved.

The curator added, “I went to lunch to a nearby hotel and came back to realize some strange smell coming in room number 52, which I forgot to mention”. Murray adds in and says, “He could smell too”. Rob was unsure as he was already painting and he couldn’t sense any smell.

Murray works in a nearby chemical factory 7 and recently was fired due to indiscipline at work, finds inspector, but both these are 7 feet people rumble Curator.

Curious inspector says that the “Replica mold which is faked in place of the original Golden Chariot is one having Polylactic acid traces which is found next day as you opened the door”.

But Painting Chemicals Doesn’t have it, adds it.

Activity: Inspector understands who the thief is, can you find him?