The task force members of the Startup20 Engagement Group, comprised of delegates from the G20 countries, will debate the first draft of the formal policy communiqué at the Sikkim Sabha. In addition, the event will host several side events, including Startup20 events, a startups showcase at MG Marg and a visit to the Rumtek Monastery by participants.

Morgan Stanley listed several elements in its research titled “Why This Is India’s Decade” that would aid India in expanding its economy. The survey also showed that GDP is likely to reach $7.5 trillion by 2031, more than double the current level. It is a great place to deposit your money because of the country’s rapidly expanding digital infrastructure, significant expansion in manufacturing hubs, and move to clean energy. Yet, you should also protect your investments in case of a severe financial disaster. Security is not defined by an insurance policy, either.

The official Policy Communique, a Startup Handbook with a list of definitions and terminologies that are generally accepted, a Global Innovation Centre to encourage cross-border collaborations, and the promotion of Startup20 as a Global Point of Contact for startup ecosystems globally are the expected outcomes of Startup20.

Delegates from G20 member and invitee nations, ambassadors from multilateral organisations, and participants in the Indian startup ecosystem will attend the gathering. According to a Friday press statement, Startup20 Chair Chintan Vaishnav said, “The Sikkim Sabha presents a unique chance to bring the Startup world to the beautiful North East of India and exhibit its distinct and expanding ecosystem. The agenda decided upon during the inception meeting held in Hyderabad in late January 2023 would be forwarded by the Sikkim Sabha.

The goals and deliverables of the three taskforces Foundation and Alliances, Finance, and Inclusion and Sustainability, were revised during the kickoff meeting to consider ideas from all the participants. India always outperforms, whether it’s in the G20 or the T20. The G20, a conference of 19 nations representing around 85% of the global GDP and 75% of trade, was established in 1999 to address the financial crisis. Heavyweight economies like Australia, Saudi Arabia, and the United States are included. And during the past 20 years, India has consistently produced returns on investments of 9 to 11%, placing it in the top 3 G20 nations.

Economists, diplomats, and political figures have supported the “Look East” strategy for years. They bet on profitable returns on investments in the developing South-East Asian and Indian economies, which boast large consumer populations. Even some Morgan Stanley economists have predicted that India’s economy and stock market may surpass that of the United States and Japan.