How many of us are feeling tired, confused, somewhat feared with this extending pandemic, as new COVID-19 strain emerging now? You are not alone in feeling so. Most of us are experiencing the same.

This COVID-19 affects have been severe on mankind, has led to enormous suffering. Health, physical & mental, and livelihood, careers of millions of people across the globe got seriously affected.

Inequality, Exclusion, Discrimination and Unemployment are major threats looming over mankind says World Health Organization. There should be a way to Live with Virus Unaffected! That is not simple, but we must not let off our goal of keeping good health and wealth.

Yoga step to keep healthy

Should we start the Handstand scorpion Yoga step to keep healthy? Not necessarily needed. Then, what is the solution? Simply put, we should follow a disciplined life. I outline some of the easy ways to help ourselves and keep winning over pandemic like situations even in future!

These few steps can help
1) Stop spending Unnecessarily
How many of us have felt the money crunch during this pandemic? Not a few. The hard-earned money we have need some respect, and instead of getting some hot popcorn from a nearby store, why don’t we make some ourselves at home? It can save some bucks. What about trying to cook ourselves than ordering food online, unless we are unhealthy?

By the end of the month, we would surely save nearly 1000 bucks which might bail us out during trouble times.

2) Live with Family-Together

Not every employer has been good enough to give a full salary to employees during this pandemic time. Even layoffs were made. The unemployment rate has touched the highest rate in 6 decades. The situation now isn’t promising either. Our parents, elders are the best guiding lights and supporting pillars in our life, and they are ready to lend us resources, bail us out of trouble. Let us start the habit of living together that solves many problems. We should implement it, shouldn’t we?

3) Avoid Junk-Eat healthy

Haven’t most of us started exercising to keep fit, healthy during this pandemic? We need to be in good health to tolerate any such disease outbreak like now we are experiencing in this pandemic. Is doing exercise enough? If we are burning enough calories and wiping off cholesterol from blood vessels like dust from electronic gadgets, but eating Junk food from a nearby fast-food centre, what’s the use? Junk, as it says don’t digest easily and is harmful to health. Going for good options like fruits, semi-cooked vegetables, salads are very much needed and helpful for good health. They are for sure are not going to kill us like Junk food.

4) Upgrade Skills that Matter

It’s relieving to an extent with the work from home option that we have got some manageable time to reflect on ourselves than to be confronted by our bosses who hold us by the collar to work, work, work! Jobs are changing; portfolios are changing with every day. Many free courses can be availed that can add weight to our CV. Upgrading ourselves is very much essential to be the boss of our own destiny.