The government responded to a viral message claiming the RBI had issued new regulations that made writing anything on new notes invalid. The Press Bureau of India PIB Fact Check clarified all the fake information circulated on the internet and the actual meaning of the RBI Clean Note Policy. They made it clear that notes with scribbling are not invalid and will continue to be legal.

Does adding text to a note render it useless?

The government made it clear on Sunday (8 January 2023) that bank notes with writing on them are still legitimate and still legal cash through the Press Bureau of India (PIB) Fact Check unit. It was stated that writing on currency notes is not advised, as it “defaces them and lowers their life.”

What does the RBI’s Clean Note Policy say?

The RBI Clean Note Policy, which the Central Bank announced in 1999, aims to provide the public with high-quality currency notes and coins while removing dirty notes from circulation. The RBI has also directed the banks to stop recycling specific filthy notes they receive over their counters and only to distribute good quality, clean notes to the general population.

At all of its locations that deal with currency, RBI has high-speed Currency Verification and Processing Systems (CVPS) equipment installed. These machines can treat 50,000–60,000 pieces per hour, shredding and briquettes dirty notes online.

Numerous actions have been attempted to increase the supply of currency notes and coins since the then-governor launched the Clean Note Policy in 1999. The public was encouraged to refrain from writing on the currency, and banks were told to offer complete exchange services for soiled and damaged notes that were not fake. It also states that following the RBI’s directives, bank currency chest branches must provide good quality notes and coins to replace soiled and damaged notes, even to non-customers.

However, the central bank strongly advises the general public to avoid writing or scribbling on banknotes as part of its Clean Note Policy. According to the “Clean Note Policy,” people are urged to refrain from writing on currency notes because doing so shortens their lifespan and defaces them.

A banknote is not invalid because of anything written on it. According to a widely shared WhatsApp message, bank notes having writing on them do not comply with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulations. The Press Bureau has since denied the accusations on Twitter and declared that the message is fake.