Rakhi is a Hindu festival celebrated across India from ancient times. The festival is beautiful in so many ways. A famous Indian Muslim Poet Nazeer Akbarabadi, known as Father of Nazm in his first nazms (poems) in Hindustani explained that we would like to dress up like a Brahmin with a sacred thread (Janeu) and tie Rakhi on the wrists of beautiful people around them.


The festival is celebrated by brothers and sisters, wives and their husbands, daughters and their dads, where a sacred cotton or silk cloth is tied around the wrist of males by females.

Shravana Pournami Hindu stories are associated

Many Hindu stories are associated with this day. In ancient times War broke out between Gods and Rakhsas, and Lord Indira lost the War and hid in Amaravathi. Seeing his plight, his wife Indrani encourages him to regather his strength and energies and fight back with demons on the day of Shravana Pournami. On that auspicious day, Indrani, the wife of Indra after praying to Gods Shiva Parvathi and Lakshmi Narayana, tied the Raksha (Rakhi) around his wrist. All the gods also tie Raksha around the wrist of Lord Indra and encourage him to win back the lost territory from the demons. Eventually, Lord Indira wins back Trilokas from the demons. From then, the Rakhi festival is celebrated.

In 2023- Sobhakrutha year, on the last day of Sharavana month on Pournmani, the Rakhi festival is celebrated. This year Pournami falls on both the 30 and 31st of August of this month however, according to Veda Pundits Hindus must celebrate the festival on the 31st of August because Bhadrakala falls on the 30th of August.

Who is Bhadra, and what is her effect on 30th Aug 2023?

Mata (Goddess) Bhadra is the daughter of the Sun and sister of Shani. In Hindu culture, she has a unique position. She is a curse to auspicious things but acts as a boon to armed fights, surgeries, etc. Today on 30th August she will have a significant effect on earthlings. She is a force that will be a curse for auspicious things as per Hindu Vedic Pundits. So all the auspicious works planned today, must not begin.

From 30th August Shravana Pournami morning 10:45 am to night 9:03 pm the Bhadrakalam effect is seen. Luckily, the Pournami will extend till 7:05 am on 31st August 2023. So between 9:03 pm on 30th August and 7:05 am on 31st August 2023 sisters, daughters, and wives can tie rakhis to their loved ones.

The science in Hinduism is because of research by sages, and scholars for years. Hindus must read and understand the significance of it and celebrate Rakhi at a time that is auspicious for everyone. After all, Hinduism has science embedded in it.