India is facing deadly floods now in this season. Especially in the monsoon season of 2023, the northern part of India- Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi, and Kashmir have faced them the most. This comes just after an intense heatwave during the summer season in 2023. The heavy rains and floods in the season mostly might have destroyed the lives of people, and their livelihoods in the northern part of India, but even in the southern part of India with states like Kerala, and Telangana (In Hyderabad) people have suffered mostly.

Not to forget that Northeast Monsoon hasn’t made its appearance yet in the southern part of India. The last time it came, it created havoc. In the span of 36 days from 8 November to 14 December in the year 2015, it killed more than 500 people in the states of Tamilnadu, and Andhra Pradesh, and also caused 1000 billion rupees worth of property damage.

In 2023, the Northeast monsoon is yet to arrive in the Southern part of India, and we can’t estimate what will happen as it arrives. It might smoothly pass away too. Governments and societies must be prepared to tackle any situation. But, the question that arises is that are we prepared? The answer is NO.

It is 8 years since deadly floods arrived in Chennai, where the floods completely destroyed the city, and submerged everything that came its way. The below picture is how Chennai looked like during the 2015 floods. Since then, we had a chance to learn from the mistakes we have been committing.Why are Floods Becoming More and More Unmanageable

The northern state of Uttarakhand has seen floods and destruction last time.

Uttarakhand has seen floods and destruction last time

No state is immune and divine gods are silent waiting for humans to act and rectify the mistakes. We have been committing mistakes knowingly which is the real cause of floods and deaths.