138 out of 193 United Nations member states recognize the State of Palestine, an area in Southern Levant, in West Asia. Palestine, which claims the West Bank and Gaza Strip as its territories, is not recognized by 55 other countries. So, who is the Parasite of Palestine among these 55 nations? Or are we missing the actual parasite itself? Let us find out.


According to medical terminology, a parasite is “ An organism that lives on or in a host organism and gets its food form or at the expense of its host.”

The Palestinian people are suffering like the Israeli people because of the war between Israel and Hamas for the last few days. The Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza was destroyed in the war. Hundreds of patients and medical personnel lost their lives in the missile blast on Al-Alhi hospital, which happened on 17 October 2023. Israel blames Hamas, and Hamas blames Israel. But why Palestinians must suffer is the question.

Who is the Parasite of Palestine- isral

Hamas is a terrorist organization that governs the Gaza Strip of Palestine, while its rival Fatah rules the West Bank. Hamas lives in Gaza. It uses the water pipes of Palestinians to make missiles and rice bags for smuggling bullets. They fire missiles from behind the hospitals.

Bullets found in beg

Bullets found in the rice bag

The relationship between Hamas and Palestinians is like the Parasite Taenia Solium (Tapeworm) and Humans. Like the infected person who doesn’t generally show symptoms of Taeniasis, Hamas supporters in Palestine also don’t understand the gravity of the situation. They live with Parasite Hamas happily. But there is hope, that the brain-washed Hamas supporters can be counselled to become normal humans, like how Taeniasis in humans gets cured with antihelmintic drugs.

The Tapeworm infection in host Humans aggravates when it forms cysts in muscles in the brain, like how Hamas uses its host, Palestine’s water pipes and rice bags (humanitarian aid) to make missiles and smuggle bullets, respectively.

The cysts are difficult to treat, but it is possible. If the cysts are not treated on time, the infected human dies. Palestine is in the cystic stage. Hamas like the parasite that lays eggs to form cysts in muscle and brain, is becoming more and more dangerous for the life of Palestinians.

It is always advisable to avoid eating pigs when Tapeworm infection is high or at least cook the meat properly before you eat, as the pig is the primary host of tapeworm. Similarly, Palestinians must stop association with the parasite Hamas so they need not suffer.