People all over the world today, the world is warming and helping people to warm up. weather. The issue of economic growth and development and the direct link between energy consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions have been important economic and political issues over the past two decades (Farhani and Rejeb 70).

In 2016, leaders of 195 countries met to discuss ways to resolve the global crisis. They also asked them to adopt the Paris Agreement (Davenport), which states that greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming must be reduced in order to stop the harms of climate change. In 2017, US President Trump announced his intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, arguing that it was linked to economic expansion, public efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.
This agreement has no economic benefit to the American people. This is because the link between economic growth and CO2 emissions from the production of public goods and energy use is too important to ignore.


This article will analyze and discuss real events and situations to determine whether there is a good or bad possibility to combat the global crisis to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption without endangering the economy and threats. Development of public goods and economic benefits.


Experts from different countries are unable to come up with solutions or dialogue about the relationship between economic system growth and CO2 emissions, unable to stop the necessary regulations to assist development and reduction. emissions (Fernandez-Amador et al. 269).
Environmental pollution and economic growth are two ideas that can take many forms. Most countries have agreed to decouple the economy from CO2 emissions (Saha Muro and Muro). They believe it is possible to reduce carbon dioxide by generating electricity.

Energy is the energy resource used to create processes, increase productivity, and provide essential life services. It is impossible to imagine anything without electricity.
Scientists explained that the main source of carbon dioxide emissions resulting from the greenhouse effect, which causes the destruction of the atmosphere, is the use of electricity. Finally, climate damage can cause global warming leading to climate change. This means that the more people depend on electricity to achieve their work and life goals, the more damage will occur.

Many economists and environmentalists are combining their skills and energies to stop the growth of global threats. They create policies, present new ideas, and ask the government to return their ideas with good policies that all citizens should follow (Fernandez-Amador et al.
271). The connection between the two is different. Some people do not consider their financial decisions or financial gains to have anything to do with the environment and do not consider the impact on the planet when they turn on the light in their space.


People cannot live without property. The contribution of public goods to economic growth and development should be taken into account.
Public production is an important part of economic growth and development. In economics, a “public” good is any good that is classified as non-competitive and excluded from its use (Devarajan and Kanbur 71.1). A negative public good is consumption that one person consumes without reducing others’ use of the good. Exclusion makes it impossible to prevent people from consuming the product.
Examples of public goods available to people such as clean air, national security, lighting information and national statistics are important (Devarajan and Kanbur 70). The production of these goods depends on people and their willingness to sacrifice something to earn money for something else. For example, lighting is a public good that uses energy. The light produced has a negative impact on the environment and deprives people of fresh air, which is another benefit for the public. National identity and information are public goods, the production of which depends on the efficiency of different industries and the use of electricity is inevitable.
The development of these problems and whether they can control production is an issue that is discussed with each other when the “environment” and the role of public goods in our lives are public production. The freeloader problem is real. It is where people use public services such as water or clean air at no cost. They do not take into account the consequences and consequences of reducing the number of customers. There is no way to limit public consumption, which is a major environmental problem.
President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement can be explained by these arguments. A country like the United States cannot sustain production and profits without the use of force. Therefore, it cannot help protect the environment and prevent the effects of climate change by reducing CO2 emissions. It would be easy for the country to finish this program instead of finding another way that would cost the country, the president, and all American citizens.

Global Warming Solutions

Paris Agreement is considered one of the most important steps that every country can take to protect the environment.
This includes the United States. The United States may not be the only player in this process. But there are many ways to inform the state and the president. Many ideas can be applied to people trying to solve them to reduce the burden of problems related to the global climate, carbon dioxide emissions or climate change. Some are silly, some are useless, and some just don’t make any sense.
However, there are some simple steps that authorities in each country can take. The first is that education and knowledge as a public good must be strong. People need to understand environmental issues and issues in order to identify their opportunities and contributions to a sustainable future.

Although people cannot completely stop their cars, the government can help reduce the environmental impact of traffic. Another way to combat climate change is to give people the opportunity to work closer to home and avoid driving.
Transportation is a major source of CO2 emissions. People have the freedom to upgrade their cars and spend more time cycling, walking or on public transport. It’s not too difficult and if the government approves the idea, it’s worth a try. Finally, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced without forests. Permanent planting is possible, although it cannot stop deforestation as it is a process that promotes growth and economic development.

Negative thoughts etc. Pessimism

Global warming is one of the most dangerous problems facing humanity. Because people cannot see and realize their own truth and power, they cannot understand the magnitude of the negative consequences. They are unaware of their responsibilities and the need to change things. However, even if this is not possible, it is necessary to be careful and believe that everything can be improved.
The solutions to address global warming in this report are not difficult. Everyone can contribute to the protection of the natural environment. The only thing that needs to be satisfied is the improvement of education. Wisdom is unlimited power. It is a public good that inspires confidence and hope in any decision or project.


President Trump’s approach of withdrawing from the Paris Agreement to stimulate the country’s economy can be explained by his acknowledgment of the fact that today’s economy is impossible to grow without compromising the environment. Carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gas emissions are a result of energy use. Reductions in emissions mean less electricity and the ability to meet certain regulatory and economic targets and use public resources effectively. The freeloader problem is not a solution at the moment, because many people can’t stop and put their personal needs first.