executive Summary

The United States of America has been leading the fight to stop climate change which threatens mortal living beings on earth. For times scientists had advised of the troubles that are imminent from global warming, directly due to hothouse gas emigrations. But, truly little study was given to these warnings because the main focus was on promoting industrialization in the advanced husbandry. For a long time it was the United States was the world’s most fat emitter of hothouse feasts which are known to beget global warming. At present, China has surpassed the United States, and it’s the largest emitter of hothouse feasts. It’s followed by the United States comes second. Nature’s wrath is not just apparent on the United States but also in other regions of the globe. The destruction of cyclones and cataracts extreme failure and submerging coastal areas are just some of the impacts from climate change. It’s the time for all of humanity must unite and recognize that nature needs to be shielded.

The trouble must be put into make sure that the exertion of humans don’t beget a significant trouble towards the environmental. It’s time that the burning of reactionary powers is to be replaced by renewable sources that are safe andeco-friendly. Since it’s the case that United States leads the war against hothouse feasts, it has to offer necessary energy sources. The Office of the Special Envoy on Climate Change is part of the supervision of United States Department of States is demanded to benefit from the power from the United States at the global scale to advocate for the operation in renewable powers as a system to guard the environmental balance. The various sources of energy are likely to be demanded in different regions of the globe, predicated on the environmental aspects. These is the swish druthers

sources of energy that ought to be promoted in all areas of the world.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is among multitudinous renewable powers that is suitable to be employed throughout the world. European nations like United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and Spain have shown that solar power is an energy source that is reliable to be used in artificial anddomesticapplications.However, it’s possible to achieve better results across regions like the Middle East, Africa, If solar energy is having the asked results in Europe that is constantly awash with extreme time-out temperatures still. Certain companies are developing machines that can be operated with sun.

Solar Energy

The Office of the Special Envoy for Climate Change is suitable to cooperate with government associations from other countries as well as private companies to encourage the product and operation in solar power particularly those in developing husbandry. China has further than1.3 billion and India with further than1.2 billion are both in dire demand for energy. Offering necessary energy sources for their artificial and domestic sectors will be vital. At the United Nations Climate Change Conference of 2015 that is popularly appertained to by the name of Bobby 21, India defied the strict programs designed to reduce emigrations of hothouse feasts. They claimed that its economy was swiftly growing and it was unfit to stay down from the use of reactionary powers. The vacuity of necessary energy sources analogous as solar power can be salutary to this nation.

Wind Energy

Germany has surfaced as one of the leading manufacturers of sustainable energy exercising wind energy. numerous nations in the world have yet to exploit the power of wind at an profitable position, specifically in developing and arising nations. Wind energy is a great way to reduce hothouse gas emigrations through the provision of environmentally friendly energy. Wind energy is particularly effective for East Europe, South America and regions of Asia as well as Africa. In the United States, for case, the Department of State, through its Office of Special Envoy for Climate Change can make a difference in the operation of wind energy, as a means to cut down on emigrations of hothouse feasts, without abating the energy consumption. For East Europe, this department must work in close collaboration with Russia as well as the other NATO members to encourage and encourage the operation for wind power. It’s factual that Russia is among the top exporters of natural gaz in this region. still, the Russian government must flash back that wind power and other green energy sources in general will not affect the quality of the natural gas that they are exporting. The energy source could prop West Europe to reduce its dependence in Russia to gain natural gas. Wind energy is one step in the right direction to reduce dependence.

Geothermal Energy

The United States is one of the top countries in the generation of geothermal energy thanks to its geothermal power station deposited at The Geysers considered the largest in the world. The developing countries like Kenya, the Philippines, Kenya, Iceland, El Salvador, and Costa Rice presently produce over 15 percent of their electricity using this energy source. This is an obvious sign of the eventuality for this type of energy. Exploring this energy source will prop in reducing dependence upon reactionary powers. TheMr. Wharton should ensure that his office works with other departments that are applicable across the globe to ensure that geothermal power product is encouraged. This could indeed bear the department to seek annuity finances from the developed economy as well as banks from abroad to finance geothermal power systems across the globe. The department should also help other countries who aren’t equipped with the technological capability to take on this type of green energy product. He should also seek the demanded knowledge of other countries, particularly those from America. United States.


Biogas can also be a effective source of energy from renewable sources which can be employed for various uses around the globe. The United States, Europe, and in corridor of Asia The extremely cold layoffs force people to use heaters to help in controlling their room temperature. rather of using electricity, families are suitable to use wood to toast their homes during time-out. Promoting contemporary architecture where fireplaces in homes are constructed to be secure and simple to use will encourage families to embrace this system. It’s the Office of Special Envoy for Climate Change can work withnon-governmental organisations and masterminds to spread this practice across Europe. Families should be encouraged to make use of this system of energy during time-out months still in a way which does not hang the natural shops. Responsible harvesting of trees should be encouraged in order to ensure there sustainable. ForSub- Sahara Africa, biomass is still the primary energy source for cookery and heating. still, harvesting trees is conducted in a way that is not sustainable. The office needs to be suitable to empower the people of this region vianon-governmental associations to be alive of and accept the most effective ways for tree harvesting. Agriculture wastes can be used to produce energy for marketable and domestic operation. These styles will drop the dependence of reactionary powers.


Hydropower has been around for a lengthy time and is the most important source of electricity for multitudinous countries in the world. still, the amount of water being used in the regions that suffer from failure likeSub- Sahara Africa is dropping, which implies that new technologies are demanded for hydropower product. piecemeal from technology advancements the office is suitable to cooperate withnon-governmental and government associations to ensure the protection of the water catchment areas of these areas to ensure the protection of gutters that are used to induce power. The commission of the locals can help in making them more satisfied economically, which will reduce or stopping the appetite to migrate into countries like the United States and other advanced countries immorally. It’s possible that the Office of Special Envoy for Climate Change can work with the government andnon-governmental institutions to bring the locals into guarding the areas of water catchment and produce jobs for them.


The United States is the most influential nation in the world and, as analogous, is the most responsible when it comes to diving climate change. Its Office of Special Envoy for Climate Change has a truly important responsibility to come up strategies to stop global warming throughout the globe. It’s a demand that the office has to unite with both governmental andnon-governmental institutions locally as well as on international situations to encourage green energy