I don’t know how to start. The Kerala Story

The well-planned brutal crimes committed on innocent women, destroying their and loved ones’ lives, must be told without hesitation.

But, we are a secular country where calling out a mistake is called a Phobic mindset. Most importantly, the majority in India are told by their families to mind their own business. It may be to study, work at the office, and get back home silently. We shouldn’t indulge in any fights.

The majority are Hindus in India.

I can share my childhood experience when I was 12 years, where one day I went to play cricket in a playground in a minority-dominated area in Adilabad, where my father got transferred. Two children, around 7 years old, started aggressively coming towards me hurling abuses, saying me to get out of the ground for no reason

The incident still haunts me. I should have given them back. But my upbringing was not like that. At home, we were told not to fight with anyone.

I should have given them back, I feel now after seeing the same cowardness shown by the victims in The Kerala Story.

The 3 innocent students at the hostel in the movie never gave it back to the woman who was radicalizing them. They doubted themselves, their strengths, and their beliefs, god. Eventually, all of them fell into her trap.

Attacking the faith, gods, and culture and planning perfectly to defame a religion is the plot to start the conversion. In Kerala Story, the reality is shown of how Hindus don’t have strong roots when answering others when asked about their gods and cultures.

The majority of Hindus in India are not taught their religious books. Because that is not secularism. When we touch our holy book, we are painted as communal. But, it will not apply to other religions.

I was never taught Bhagavad Gita, or Ramayana at home or school or the temple, why? Because we are told, it will not fetch us bread and butter.

the Kerala Story

But why even Rishi Sunak reads the bible in Coronation of King Charles III? It means religion is our identity, it helps us to know our lineage, and our history and gives us immense knowledge and when we ignore the knowledge, then we become sacrificial lambs.

The 3 girls became victims of deceit, and ignorance They are drugged, sexually molested and left to their fate. The story of just 3 women was so bone-chilling to watch. They call Hindus and other religious people Kafirs and preach sermons on how to reach Jannat.

KS two

I recall, how Kasab was explaining about Jannat in the 26/11 movie during police interrogation and once shown the dead bodies of his friends in the mortuary and ask to smell the Jannat, then he came to his terms. These guys who try to brainwash like how it happened in The Kerala Story should be given Jannat like how Kasab and his friends had.



The Kerala story is a grim reminder of the world we are living in, women from other religions, called kafirs by them are targeted and used as sex slaves by ISIS.