There will be at least 1 thing that will be correct among 100’s of things Rahul Gandhi says every day.

He is not an orator by birth
He doesn’t understand Indian culture
He doesn’t understand people’s pulse
He speaks in a negative tone


We Indians want him to speak.
For the 1 correct.

“The voice of dissent is needed. He need not be right, but has the right to speak.”

Coming to the case filed in Surat on defaming Modi’s surname. He indeed insulted the surname, but why the punishment of disqualification from performing public duties? We are asking you and the court.

He is a parliamentarian and an MP who serves Indians in Wayanad. He is serving many other communities there.

“We mustn’t snatch his power to perform duties to his people.”

Rahul Gandhi must be corrected and exposed for his remarks about Europe and US intervention. He must be schooled and dragged by collar to show the hard work of Indian freedom fighters to get freedom, and asking for British, Europe and US intervention is again taking us back to colonial times.

But everything must happen on Parliament premises.

“Rahul Gandhi must be schooled in Parliament.”

“Rahul Gandhi must be schooled in Parliament.”

We Indians have no sympathy for what he spoke about India in a foreign land. He owes an apology, and that apology must come from Parliament premises. He must be allowed to speak. Confront him, corner him on his comments about foreign forces’ intervention in Indian affairs.

“Question him inside Parliament on Behalf of the People.”

In a family, if a fight happens, do we send our brother or sister out of the House or make them sit in the House and discuss again? The same applies here in the case of Rahul Gandhi. A temporary punishment, removing him from Parliament for a week or so if he doesn’t apologize is ok, but removing him from Parliament is wrong.

“We Indians disapprove of it.”

Rahul Gandhi is one of the voices of opposition. He may speak wrong, funny, or irrelevant, but he has the right to speak and serve people.