The Indian cricket bowler Mohammed Shami, with his pace and swing, is ruling the Cricket World Cup 2023. He has taken 23 wickets in the ongoing World Cup, and 7/57 is his latest bowling figure against New Zealand. He destroyed oppositions, most notably Australia, but his life was never easy!

Mohammed Shami was born in a village in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. His father was a bowler and understood that Mohammed Shami must be groomed properly, so he sent him to Moradabad to get proper training under coach Babruddin Siddique. 15-year-old Shami had to travel 44 kilometres daily to get trained.
Shami developed his bowling skills day by day, and his calibre was recognised by then-Indian captain Ganguly. He debuted against the West Indies and took nine wickets in two innings. He hasn’t looked back since then.

He spitted fire while bowling. He clocked 153.2 km/h against Australia during the 2014 series at Melbourne Cricket Ground and went on to take 15 wickets in the test series. He was the leading wicket taker with 13 wickets in the ODI series against them in 2020, and in 2023, he took 5/51 against the Aussies.

Turbulent Personal Life

His debut in cricket in 2014 also marked his marriage debut. He got married to Hasin Jahan. His professional life was a great success, but he faced problems in his personal life. Hasin Jahan was a divorcee. She broke her relationship with her first husband in 2010 and married Mohammed Shami in 2014.

Four years into marriage, Hasin Jahan raised multiple complaints of domestic violence against Shami and even dragged himself into a controversy over match fixing. BCCI made an inquiry and cleared him of all charges. For whatever charges she levied on Shami, none of them passed in court. He is yet to get permanent relief from false cases.

Mocked for Being Original

Payal Gosh, an amateur actress from Bollywood, mocked him for his English-speaking skills. Shami takes pride in speaking Hindi, Urdu, but English, which is not his native language, yet he faces these trolls every day. For every troll, his ball speaks louder.

Social media attacks

In his fantastic career, spanning nearly a decade, he also had to suffer attacks from trolls when he didn’t fare well in the 2021 ICC T20 World Cup. He faced them bravely and shut their mouths with his performances.

What can India expect from Shami in the CWC23?

Every Indian wants Shami to bowl the way he is doing. India might need his batting skills in the final against Australia on December 19, 2023. In the absence of Hardik Pandya, if the tails wag, that will help India. I hope Shami remembers his famous 56-run partnership with Jaspirt Bumrah and tries to emulate it when the team needs it most.

Mohammed Shami, you are the pride of India.