Who are Kashmiri Pandits?

They were raped and killed during the Islamic Militant movement in Kashmir Valley.

They are Educated civilised people who with merit reached greater heights in careers, but uneducated radicals from the valley picked and killed these vegetarian Brahmins.

They are people who silently left the valley, they left their lifetime earnings, lands, and even women because of radical Islamic elements who with guns and bullets threatened and killed Kashmiri Pandits.

Ex-DGP of Kashmir explained how most horrifically Islamic radicals raped and killed women and a child and later shot them both in their private parts. No words can explain this horrific crime of Islamic radicals neither condemned by political parties at that time. Nor does the justice system in India, listened to the Kashmiri Pandit’s agony.

Whenever the Supreme Court of India was approached it dismissed the plea for an investigation into alleged mass murder that happened in 1989-90.

Kashmiri men were killedd

Kashmiri men were killed

Any sensitive court in the world would have heeded the request for an investigation into the 8,00,000 Kashmir Pandit exodus and genocide but not to be the case with the Supreme Court of India which dismissed a plea for relook.

When mosques in Kashmir announced that Kashmiri Pandits as kafirs and males have to leave Kashmir, convert or be killed. Kashmiri men were killed, and Kashmiri women were raped and killed brutally.

This is no less than what ISIS does in its detention camps. Yet, it couldn’t melt the stone heart of the judiciary.

Kashmiri women and men in traditional attire
Kashmiri women and men in traditional attire

Generations of Kashmiri pandits wait for justice, in courts. They are not even heard. It sometimes feels that there is no difference between Islamic Militants and the justice system in India.

One section has physically raped and killed Kashmiri Pandits but the justice system which should be equal for all citizens of this great nation molested Kashmiri Pandits with their inhumane attitude.

Mr Chandrachud’s bench dismissed the plea for a re-look into the 1989-90 genocide. By doing it, they have denied justice to millions of Kashmiri pandits who are now displaced from Kashmir, and leave in different parts of the world.

Good sense prevailed, so we see the Government of India led by Narendra Modi now has reopened the cases of Kashmiri Pandits genocide and the justice system must now answer to crimes that happened on Kashmiri Pandits.

Even young Kashmiri Pandits await justice

Even young Kashmiri Pandits await justice. Will Kashmiri Pandits get justice? Let us see!