Mountain Dew by Mahesh Babu
Pepsi by Priyanka

Carbonated soft drinks brands get endorsed by Celebrities. The carbon dioxide mixed flavoured soft drinks marketed by the corporate giants using these celebrities are proven causes of Weight gain, Fatty Liver and Diabetics.

We can’t paint celebrities as culprits when the choice to drink or not is ours. They are not pushing the drinks through our throats. However, the question is how consciously they are trying to promote nature given true cool drinks, thus acting in a noble cause of safeguarding the health of not only millions of people, but also helping the farming community who generally grow nature-cool drinks like coconut water, nannari juice and many others.

When celebrities push any brand through advertisements, it is a sort of endorsement where he/she is telling the wider audience, ‘Hey, go for it’. Then the question arises, why can’t they promote nature’s safest cool drinks like Tender coconut water which will be sponsored surely by thousands of farmers from across India? Here, in this way of advertisement, the celebrity’s noble intentions are at the exhibition. Celebrities will have to reach out to the farmer’s associations and make a plan, on how can they benefit mutually, also keeping customers healthy and safe.

What can be a more apt time, than now, when temperatures are peaking in India and millions of Indians are glued to TVs to see Indian Premier League, a celebrity coming forward to advertise what nature’s cool drink like coconut water has and how it helps infants to adults in improving their health.

No one is waging war against corporate giants or celebrities. But, individuals who become celebrities must understand that they have a duty towards fans, and society because of whom they are enjoying riches.

As a celebrity, you can influence the public in a good or bad way. When you promote a good product, there is always a market, there are people who will silently listen.

If there is a will, there is a way. When are you endorsing healthy products?