As the global community continues to grow and contemporize, it’s decreasingly important to consider growing energy requirements. The modernization and expansion of society was accompanied by an increase in rudiments of diurnal life similar as the use of electrical appliances and bias. still, the use of reactionary energy power shops to break this problem has created numerous problems that need to be anatomized before commissioning( Lav 2012).

The main problem of reactionary energy use is to release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. further carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere causes further air pollution, which causes numerous respiratory conditions( Lav 2012).

Current situation in the Middle East

Harrison( 2006) argues that China has one of the largest electricity grids as well as large gas reserves. This is why respiratory conditions are on the rise in China because air pollution continues to increase. With this mindfulness, the use of infinitesimal energy( nuclear power shops) is now seen as a suitable option to give the energy demanded by the country. The main advantage of foliage and fauna is that nuclear power shops don’t affect air pollution.
Also, they don’t calculate on fossil energies to work( Harrison 2006).

still, some corridor of the world, including the USA, have condemned the construction of nuclear power shops in corridor of the Middle East. It has been honored that the preface of nuclear technology in these countries may lead to the product of fissile material. Harrison( 2006) also refocused out that numerous terrorist associations in the region can produce an attack face.

Current situation in the Middle East

Energy consumption is a major problem in the Middle East and is affected by a fully different process compared to the rest of the world due to the terrain in which its people live.
Due to the harsh climate of the desert, the temperature in the region can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit. thus, further than half of the electricity product is used for air exertion( Asculai 2012). But this energy comes from a combination of hydrocarbons from colorful energy sources. Although the region is rich in fossil energies, it’s a fact that these coffers are limited. Despite the government’s attempt to support electricity prices, indispensable energy product styles should be used to help an energy extremity that may do.
** Energy consumption in the Middle East **

Despite the increase in oil painting product across the Middle East, the region is still a major consumer of 20 of the energy used by reactionary energy burning installations( Samaan 2013). It’s also worth noting that hydrocarbons are the main source of energy. According to a study by the International Energy Agency( IEA)( 2013), natural gas constituted roughly 50 of the country’s energy in 2011. oil painting accounts for 47 of the total energy, followed by coal. Low affair of renewable energy( Özcan 2013).
presently, the Middle East is facing energy security issues due to increased demand. This has caused concern among numerous leaders and policy makers in the region. The transnational community again interposed in the construction of nuclear installations in the Middle East, farther raising pressures. There have also been conflicts in politics in other countries, including Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, and Afghanistan. This leads to dislocations in the product of electricity and affiliated outfit( Özcan 2013, 2013).


Renewable energy is handed by the use of solar energy in the Middle East. It’s true that the cost of solar energy has halved in the last three times. numerous oil painting producing countries similar as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Iran are switching from renewable energy sources to nuclear energy( Fattouh and Al- Katiri, 2013). Indeed, the governments of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan have espoused public renewable energy programs. They also plan to make some nuclear reactors to induce electricity in the future( Coplen and Coplen.

carrying energy from nuclear energy is a major concern, as the energy produced is fluently used for military purposes. The International Atomic Energy Agency( IAEA) is a supporter of the peaceful use of nuclear energy. significance.

Nuclear power has caused disasters in numerous corridor of the world, similar as the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power factory in Japan in 2011.
These countries should also follow the guidelines on climate change from the Ministry of Planning and Economic Studies( PESS), as well as the International Atomic Energy Agency and the United Nations. The countries concerned should determine how large the army they choose to operate in( Coplen and Coplen. 2006).

Treaty on the Use of Nuclear Energy

The International Atomic Energy Agency has inked colourful agreements on the use of nuclear energy in the region. For illustration, there’s an agreement on the transport of low- position uranium( LEU) in Russia( El- Genk 2008).
In May 2015, an agreement was also inked with the IAEA and Croatia on the peaceful use of nuclear munitions to diagnose cancer and control fruit flies throughout the Balkan region of Croatia. Other agreements include variations to the Nuclear Power structure Study in Nigeria and the World Power Plant in Malaysia( Shultz, Perry, Kissinger and Nunn, 2007).

Institutional Capacity and coffers needed to Address Nuclear Energy Issues Nuclear Energy Issues

Nuclear power shops and energy work bear being provident, functional, legal and institutional. An incident in Japan showed that indeed the most advanced country doesn’t have the structure and structures to operate nuclear power shops in the event of an accident( Kim, Kim, & Kim 2013, 2013). Some underdeveloped countries, similar as Iran, are at the van of erecting nuclear power shops that could beget further damage.
In these cases, the IAEA must continually work to insure that these countries follow the guidelines for nuclear energy use( Spalding- Fecher, Winkler, & Mwakasonda, 2005; Land, 2009).


The use of renewable energy is adding in the Middle East. This is important to reduce the demand for fossil energies. Nuclear energy produces clean energy and protects the terrain from damage. still, although some Middle Eastern countries similar as Iran and Pakistan have used nuclear energy, they don’t have the associations and coffers to carry out these systems duly.
There’s also substantiation that other countries are hiding their sweats to make nuclear power shops.