This offer was developed by Stephen Smith from the Procurement and Budgeting department at Crumbs Bakery. The thing for this request is to ask blessing to conduct exploration to discover the significance for installing solar panel in order to lower energy costs, which are large portions of the cost of the company. also, it aims to demonstrate the significance of solar energy to cover the terrain as well as perfecting the morale of the workers of the association.

Installing Solar Panels to Reduce Energy Costs


On the 6th of February the 6th of 2014 the Board of Directors of Crumbs Bakery asked the director of their Procurement and Budgeting Board to do a feasibility analysis on druthers
to energy sources that could help the company reduce its charges. The board also requested that members submit their proffers to conduct the feasibility study. That was the time I applied for the post of a experimenter who would perform the job.

I suggested the installation of solar panels that would supply power to the business. The department set up my offer respectable and allowed me to write a offer to install solar panels inside the company. This offer is to give important details to the company prior to installing solar panels to round and conceivably substitute for the electricity used in the business.

moment, the company is dependent on the energy handed by colorful electricity companies. The cost of producing electricity is adding and electricity providers transfer the burden to consumers. There are also ways to regulate the operation ofnon-renewable energy sources that increase costs for electricity. The high costs on electricity bills aren’t necessary since they do not represent the purpose of the business that’s concerned with sustainability and environmental conservation( Miller 1959).).

The Board of Directors has allocated sufficient finances to conduct an expansive feasibility study on whether Crumbs Bakery should install solar panels to induce energy for lighting, baking and chilling galettes and chuck
before they’re distributed to our guests.

The Procurement and Budgeting Board asked me to conduct exploration to corroborate whether solar panels can lower energy costs and cover for the need for electricity. also, I’ll determine whether the outfit used to supply electricity and connections can accommodate the conditions of solar panels. Certain solar appliances might bear special fittings in order to serve effectively( Brown 101). also, the study will determine the goods on the installation of indispensable energy sources on workers and their productivity.

I would like to probe the eventuality of solar panels to supply power to the company and drop costs. In addition, I’m needed to discover if solar panels will induce enough power to meet the requirements of the business and also present results to applicable authority.

It’s imperative to know that this exploration will take 5- 6 hours per week over two months. I will be seeking backing by theMr. Jackson Willis, Lawrence Hopkins as well as Steven Howard regarding solar energy results. These experts are extremely knowledgeable and have succeeded in enforcing analogous systems within their separate companies. Their Board of Directors will authorize acknowledgement of my participation during the study following the entering a satisfactory report.

The exploration will start when this offer is approved and will run for two months. still I’ll make an operation for a deadline extension in case the exploration is suddenly intruded. I’ll give progress reports each week, and will submit the final report is due on the 13th of April the 13th in 2014. This report will contain details on my exploration and recommend how I can continue in this feasibility analysis.


On the 6th of February 7 in 2014 The Board of Directors of Crumbs Bakery invited the Procurement and Budgeting Department to take over a feasibility study on the necessity of using indispensable sources of energy for the business to round or substitute electricity. The exploration thing was chancing out the differences between indispensable sources of energy and electricity as a source of energy for the business. On the 7 the Feb 2014 the Department approved my request to conduct an disquisition into feasibility. The department presented its decision for the Board of Directors and I’m staying for the Board to accept my request and permit me to begin my feasibility exploration as snappily as it’s doable.

At present, the company utilizes electricity to power lighting as well as baking, as well as refrigeration as the primary functions that the energy source. The electricity used in the field of computers and electric hedge doesn’t constitute an enormous portion of the electricity costs; therefore, these areas aren’t considered in studies of feasibility. The company invests around$ 7,000 for major energy- consuming processes and it’s necessary to reduce the cost of this to ameliorate the profit perimeters. The questions below will play pivotal aspects in determining the compass and the direction of my study, to insure that important aspects are taken into consideration in the course of study.

1. Can the installation of solar panels help reduce the cost of energy for Crumbs Bakery?
2. Can the solar panel’s structure be compatible with electricity?
3. Will people shift from electricity to solar energy due to the rapid-fire connectivity speed and effectiveness of the earlier?
4. What effect will the new energy source have in the volume and quality of the products and services handed by the establishment?

Proposed Tasks

After entering the Board of Directors’ blessing, I’ll carry out the following tasks to assess the significance to install solar panels in order to replace or compound the power force in this association.

Task 1. Understanding of the Use of Solar Panels to Supply Energy

I have formerly begun my studies to determine how solar panels could be employed to produce energy for an company. Solar panels come in colorful sizes grounded on the voltage demanded by guests( Boxwell 32). Crumbs Bakery requires solar panels that have a capacity three thousand megawatts. This means that the bakery will install ten panels each of which will produce 300 megawatts( Maeda 15). Companies that have successfully employed solar panels to give electricity comprise McDonald’s as well as McGraw- Hill Publishers. The solar panels are customized to suit the conditions of the guests( Hurley 47).

Task 2 Studying the stations of staff members towards Solar Panels as Sources of Energy

I’d be interested in knowing what chance of the staff at Crumbs Bakery will support and accept indispensable energy sources in addition to electricity. I’ll seek out information about their opinions on the possibility of introducing a green and affordable source of energy to round or replace the one presently in use. In addition, I’ll estimate my findings to data attained from McGraw- Hill Publishing and McDonald’s, and suggest effective ways for transitioning from electric to solar power.

likewise, I will use questionnaires and interviews to collect data from the workers, and also search internet sources to gather information from companies which have successfully substituted or stoked their power force by using solar energy.

ask 3 Studying theInter-Infrastructural comity with Electricity and solar panels

I’ll determine if the electrical lines as well as switches, sockets entrapments, and fuses can prop in manufacturing, distribution and application of solar energy within the business. This will give me details to cut costs; also I’ll reach out to solar panel installers and electricians to determine if there will be a necessity to buy fresh energy force outfit or not.


The following table shows an figure of the essential tasks to finish the study. It’s imperative to know that, if the study is approved, it’ll begin on the 13th of February the 13th and conclude on April 13 14 in 2014. The tasks will begin in the morning week of exploration, but it’ll not conclude in the same week as shown in the table below.


I’m good necessary to carry out this feasibility exploration. My education has given me exposure to both the theoretical and practical aspects which are pivotal in helping that associations cut their charges and enhance effectiveness in manufacturing processes. I wrote the plan that helped Crumbs Bakery to reduce charges on stationery and gave me the knowledge and experience needed by this company reduce costs that aren’t demanded.