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The global recession is a serious concern. Families are being destroyed by high inflation and a low rate of employment. The concerns about livelihood are real. The situation is extremely difficult to manage for even a family of three or four.

Yeah, there can be exceptions. You can as well run a family with multiple wives and even have children up to 10. But for this to happen, you must be Elon Musk.
Let me give credit where credit is due for people like Elon Musk! wasn’t even slightly better for its own workforce when the company’s CEO, in the most shameless manner, laid off 900 employees on a Zoom call.

Employees suffered in pain as layoffs went at In all, 3000 employees were fired both in India and the US. It is unexplainable pain to people like Kiana Brown, a single mother who move into a new city for this opportunity and now got laid off.

kiana Brown

CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk

CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk

The latest layoffs are from Twitter
Around 50% of the 7,500 staff are fired without notice or compassion.

The owner of SpaceX, Tesla, and Twitter is only one guy, Elon Musk. In his bid to cut spending, he has destroyed the lives of employees whose bread and butter is dependent on jobs—without being allowed to serve a notice period.

Everyone is shocked. But some recovered from that shock to express gratitude for working at Twitter even in this tough time of their career

Yash Agarwal


As I write this, there might have been numerous painful stories from across the globe like this that went unnoticed.

Such is the shamelessness with which the leadership group works. They have no morals and no heart. I thought at least Twitter would have a heart. Of course, it has, but it’s not human red blood with feelings.

We must protest against Blue Blood Snails, Spiders, and Octopuses sitting at CEO level and bossing over us!