can provide a competitive advantage in their business. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the various processes and real-time processes for booking Windsor Recreation Park (WRP).

Compares two database types and provides analysis of both databases. This article provides advice on the best record keeping system to use at Windsor Recreation Park (WRP).


The main goal of the business is to expand its market reach while increasing its competitive advantage.
Information technology has been defined as a strategically important weapon that can help organizations achieve their goals.

WRP Windsor Recreation Park (WRP) management decided to move from an old-fashioned reservation system to a database-based computer system, an important step towards growing the business. Opting for computer-based reservations not only reduces customers’ waiting time when making a reservation, but can also reduce the time it takes to process a reservation.

Therefore, in order to correctly select a computer-based database system, this article examines two types of computer-based database systems, real-time processing and multiple access processing systems have proven to be the most widely used computer databases for reservation systems. The two types of databases are compared and recommendations are made for selecting suitable databases to manage WRP.

Evaluation of various access and runtime systems of Computer Database Systems

This section compares and contrasts various access and runtime systems for databases. It also examines computer-based database systems suitable for WRP.

Multiprocessing Database Systems

Real Time Processor is a computer based reservation system where the computer provides a special service available on the web 24/7. (XS4All Internet, 2008).

Real-Time Processing is the processing of immediately generated data that occurs when the data is entered into the computer.
It is important to remember that time is of the essence for any business organization. In the real-time reservation system, the process is done online and online reservation changes are quick and easy. (Digital Desk 2009).

And the business really needs a payment gateway to make credit card transactions. The transaction made with a credit card is completed instantly when the customer enters the credit card information into the computer.
Credit cards are processed within minutes and a seat number is given. Also, real-time processing helps save customer information for future reservations. Customers do not need to enter their information on the computer before making their next reservation.

It is worth noting that in today’s business world, time is very important in commercial transactions. Real-time processing provides the convenience and speed of credit card transactions.
The credit card processing process takes place from the moment the order is placed and completes the transfer instantly. Real work is important during peak sales or high activity. The work can be done online and customers do not have to worry about losing data as all data sent to the server is secure and encrypted. (Instable Merchant Account, 2000, Ministry of Electricity and Energy, 2005).

Therefore, real-time processing can reduce data as it is done immediately after approval and data is validated quickly.
(St. Martin, 2008).

However, this multiple access is an online booking process supported by a broad base. Multi-access processing differs from real-time processing in that it allows simultaneous connections to multiple agents and users. (XS4All Internet, 2008, Geek Talk, 2005).

Essentially, multitasking provides the same power as task.
Multiple access also allows customers to enter their credit card information and personal information on a computer, allowing real-time credit transactions and instant approval.

Multiprocessing and real-time processing systems require payment gateways to process credit card transactions that are processed when customers enter their credit card numbers into the computer. Credit card transactions are processed within minutes and seat numbers are automatically reserved.

The advantage of multitasking is that it can handle big data when sales are high or many people are booking flights at the same time. The main difference between real-time operation and multiple access is that it requires the use of a large central database that connects the server to various booking agents.
With multiple access, many computers can be connected directly to the central computer and the main computer can process large amounts of information received from different organs from humans. This allows multiple users to connect to the central computer server at the same time, and multiple subscriptions can be made at the same time. (XS4All Internet, 2008, MIT, 2009). Hellerstein1, J, M, Stonebraker2, M, and Hamilton, J, (2007).

The only downside to this type of database is that it is the most expensive to maintain compared to real operations that are less expensive to maintain.
Also, more data access requires more security as there are more computers connected to the central database. In addition, the network provides more security than real-time processing for frequently accessed data to protect computers from unauthorized attacks. (Hellerstein1, Stonebraker2 and Hamilton, 2007, University of Montana, 2009). real database security – access to databases (Hellerstein1, Stonebrake2 and Hamilton, 2007).
Therefore, the following section presents the results of the two computer databases prior to validation of the two databases at Windsor Recreation Park.


Evaluation of two databases on computers shows that there are many advantages of using computer for reservation compared to manual reservation. In addition to speeding up the booking process, computers also reduce paper size, which is the downside of manual booking. Computer use reduces a large amount of data processing work, as computers can process data quickly and notify you immediately when a booking is complete. (St Martin’s College, 2008).
However, the analysis of the real-time process and the amount of data collected showed that the two processing methods are beneficial to the business due to the speed of computers. A product can be and has been shown to be effective. To increase the efficiency of WRP and do it better than others. competitive advantage. (Congressional Budget Office, 2008).

However, it is true that the cost of running every database is not the same. High cost of processing transactions instead of real-time transactions Multi-access databases require more security than real-time transactions. Additionally, more data entry requires more staff to manage the process than the program is complete.
A full report of the findings shows that many of the entries in the data are necessary for the leisure business, where there are many parks across the country where branch computers are connected to a central computer so that orders can be processed simultaneously in real time. The system is used to book entertainment services. (St Martin’s College, 2008).

The study also suggests that real-time activity could be beneficial for the Windsor Leisure Park environment, but the report analyzes the findings in the next section before making recommendations for management.

Analysis of Research Results

This section reviews the research results. The entire report is a comparison and difference between two computer databases, but different businesses use different computer database systems to manage their computer databases.
This is why real-time systems and multitasking systems are defined, as these are the two main computers that can be used at Windsor Leisure Park because these two databases provide the results. Analysis of the results showed that real-time operations are necessary for Windsor Recreation Park because business people do not understand computer data. For example, there are many amusement parks in the UK that use real-time information for online reservations. For example, Alton Towers in the UK allows online booking in real time.

Multi-database analysis shows that the system can be used for reservations of large companies that have branches across the country or in other countries.
For example, since British Airways has branches in the UK and other countries that are not part of the UK, British Airways has generated a lot of data for booking.

Based on the examination of two different types of information, the study made recommendations for using appropriate information for WRP.


This section provides recommendations for WRP based on real-time performance studies and large amounts of computer input data.
Management advice
suggests that real-time data is better for WRP than multi-use data. This is because real-time databases are less expensive and less expensive to operate than multiprocessor databases.
Additionally, more data storage will require more staff and lead to higher expenditure on WRP.

A real-time database is recommended because WRP administration is unfamiliar with computer-based database systems. Therefore, management should choose real-time data for its convenience.


This study demonstrates that the computer database system is a powerful tool that WRP can use to grow its business and increase its competitive advantage. While many computer databases are available for reservation, it is better for real-time WRP because of the benefits it can bring to the business. Real-time can bring many benefits to WRP, but businesses need to have adequate security in their databases to protect confidential business and customer information.