Sky root young entrepreneurial team

Until October 2020, when National Startup Awards 2020 were declared by the Indian Union minister of commerce and Industry, no one knew about Sky root Aerospace.

But fame can be very short while living in this competitive world. We need to upgrade and show results that matter to the world.

Two years later, on 18 November 2022, its capabilities showcased across the world as it became the first Indian private company to reach outer space (apogee was 89.5km)

Why should then the world should get inspired by this feat?

Then, it is time to dig back the history. Indian Space Research Organization- ISRO which now even allows private players like SKYROOT to use their workstations, had to once carry the parts of the rocket on bullock carts.

Satellite parts on bullock cart

Satellite parts on bullock cart

The national space agency-ISRO of India started 53 years ago and is now one of the space agencies in the world with full launch capabilities, deploys cryogenic engines, launches extra-terrestrial missions, and operates large fleets of artificial satellites.

There are numerous successful missions conducted by ISRO, from Chandrayaan (Lunar exploration spacecraft) and Mangalyaan (Mars exploration spacecraft). India became the world’s first country to have sent a space probe into Mars orbit.



As a parent space organization that sent satellites & spacecraft, ISRO now offers facilities and technical expertise of ISRO centers to develop their launch vehicle.

The Startup has headquarters in Hyderabad, run by two IIT Alumni students- Pawan Kumar Chandana & Naga Bharath Daka. Just started four years ago in 2018, the SkyRoot now launches its rocket at Hypersonic speed.

On 18 November 2022, Skyroot Aerospace performed the maiden launch of its Vikram-S suborbital rocket, thus becoming India’s first private company to reach outer space.

With satellite markets across the globe cruising, Skyroot develops the young Indians in their aims to launch its series of small lift launch vehicles for the small satellite market.

The future of private-public partnerships is bright. Indians in this generation are dreaming and skyrocketing at hypersonic speed.