The elections in India are not new. India is a democratic country where people elect a government every 5 years. The contestants are political parties, as it should be.

However, the 2024 general elections are bringing a new challenge. The competition is immense with many political parties, regional to state aiming to win Lok Sabha seats. The focus should have been on development debates, but most of the political parties are indulging in petty clashes, both verbal and physical on non-issues or their leader’s personal issues, which the public has the least interest in.

The biggest worry is that, these political parties creating a nuisance in the society.

Why should the public, children, women and men commuting on roads suffer due to vandalism on the roads by a political party because their leader is summoned by Enforcement Directorate in a particular case?

Vandalism on Delhi roads when Rahul Gandhi called for an ED case

The Indian parliament proceedings in 2023 were daily disrupted by both the opposition and the treasury benches wasting hundreds of crores of taxpayers’ money, because none of them is ready to debate, but shout.

Parliament proceedings adjourned in 2023

Parliament proceedings adjourned in 2023

The political parties, both opposition and treasury benches are of a perception that they are grabbing the attention of the public, the voter. But, that is not happening. Instead, people are opting for NOTA or completely abstaining from voting.

Also, Political parties are directly creating conflict in society through both appeasement and insensitive politics.

The battle, now is on the streets which will affect the livelihood of families. Getting mentally and physically hurt losing loved ones, and relations getting damaged are a few of the side effects of the bad politics political parties are practising now.

Clashes between communities end up nowhere

Clashes between communities end up nowhere

Political parties, you must realize that people are intelligent to understand your nefarious plans. Before they protest against your evil design one day, it is better to rectify it, focus on development politics only!

Beware political parties, the 2024 agenda is just development, not yours, but people’s development.