Our body is 37 Degrees Celsius all the time unless we are ill.
Every cell and body part in us will face heat stress with every degree rise in temperature above 37 degrees Celsius.
Nausea, Dehydration, Vomiting, and Indigestion are some problems associated with above-normal maximum temperatures.
Deaths can’t be ruled out due to organ failure. Infants and Children suffer more than anyone due to harsh weather.
We can safeguard ourselves and our families by following a few methods.

Avoid Sun Between 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM In summer with relatively less moisture and Sun rays falling on Earth at a steep angle, temperatures are relatively high compared to other seasons.(https://www.loc.gov/everyday-mysteries/meteorology-climatology. ) Avoid Sun Between 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM The sun emits harmful UV rays and is at its peak in the afternoon. It is advisable to stay indoors in the afternoon unless it is urgent.

high temperatures in summer Due to high temperatures in summer, it is always better to keep your body ventilated by wearing cotton dresses and avoiding dark-shade dresses, as they will absorb more heat from the sun.
When you go out, try to carry an umbrella with you.
Re-hydrate Always
Always make sure you have drinking water with you. Even if you are not thirsty, drink plenty of water, as the water cools down your body and also it provides essential vitamins and minerals that get lost in the excessive heat climate.

Soil is a source of mineralsSoil is a source of minerals, and pots made from clay not just keep water cool, but also add minerals to it, which the fridge can’t do. So, try to drink healthy earthen pot water wherever you can. Earthen clay bottles may not look stylish and may break if fall but keep your water cool and mineralized.
Avoid Cool Drinks which Make you Drink Less Water
Soft drinks of different brands that we buy from shops to relieve our thirst actually are bad for our bodies as we drink less water in the day after drinking them, which is dangerous. Large amounts of Tea and Coffee in summer lead to dehydration as it is a diuretic.

Prefer Coconut water Prefer Coconut water, Eating Water Melon and Fruits. They will increase your water and mineral content in the body. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/dehydrating.

Save Plants Animals Loved PetsDon’t forget to save Plants, Animals and Loved Pets It’s not just us. From small birds to Big Animals, Plants, every creature suffers because of heat waves. A small help like placing water in a vessel outside your home, on your balcony, or your terrace, or anywhere where you feel birds or animals can come and drink, place them. Don’t let plants die without water. Without them, we will not have rain nor have food.
Let’s save ourselves, our loved ones, plants and animals. It is our responsibility, human responsibility!