The world saw what Hamas was up to on 7 October 2023, as they killed civilians in Israel, both men and women- not even spared babies.

It has been more than a week since the gory attack happened. The world is now slowly recovering after seeing videos of babies burnt, families charred to death in cars, bullets fired in bathrooms and children’s bedrooms.

As things stand now, Israel is trying to wipe out Hamas. Parallely, we are seeing Hamas supporters coming together and rallying behind Hamas.

Jackets with Hamas Paraglider Pictures

Jackets with Hamas Paraglider Pictures

The protestors wore jackets with pictures of Hamas terrorists with paragliders- the same horrifying pictures of terrorists jumping into Israeli territory with paragliders and butchered children, women, elderly at will. Not even sparing the bedridden and the sick. Also, they were seen attacking Israeli supporters, intimidating everyone who was not toeing their line. This is happening in England.

But, not everywhere intimidation and support for Hamas are accepted. You can’t project your victim card to everyone. In France, they tried to create unrest and destroy public property with their propaganda messages, but France acted swiftly and decided to ban all anti-Israeli protests.

Pakistan support to Hamas

In Pakistan, the protest against Israel and support for Hamas is different. The protestors had cut the Israel flag into pieces, as a mark of protest. It looks mad. They looked as if they were hungry and had nothing except a flag to eat.

free Palestine

What are these guys supporting after all? They are saying free Palestine. However, none of them say Punish Hamas. The same Hamas organization that has killed hundreds of innocents and stays put in Gaza and the West Bank shrouded in between the houses of Palestinians. They are cowards, who would kill babies, and children mercilessly but release propaganda videos that they don’t hurt them.

Hamas with babies

Hamas with babies

The babies in the hands of Hamas are without parents. The toddlers don’t know what is their future. They might be radicalized like innocent Palestinians. They might be killed or burnt alive.

For now, Hamas can fool that they are caring for children, but who forgets that they have killed more than 1300, mostly innocent children, women and the elderly?

Hamas is a cunning fox that is waiting for the right opportunity to kill those who oppose them and establish an Islamic Caliphate. If the world doesn’t fight against Hamas and its supporters, then our loved ones might be the next target of this crime.