A capable governing body will prevent atrocities in front of its eyes.

Afghanistan is asking the world, “Why am I Orphaned”? Women of Afghanistan say, “We are ready to serve our motherland”, at a time when their rulers fled Afghanistan, and the Taliban has begun to dictate the inhumane, unprecedented draconian rules for Aghan people, women in particular.

There is no respect left for women in Afghanistan. She is forced to shed her dreams, aspirations, and self-respect in front of Taliban monsters.

Education is “divided” in the Taliban regime. Curtains for decoration at homes became walls in the halls of classes, separating men from women in a class, pointing out to the women in the classroom that, “you are not equal”!

Curtained classes show the mentality of the Taliban
Curtained classes show the mentality of the Taliban

Curtained classes show the mentality of the Taliban

But the monkey mindset of Taliban has not stopped there. It has now completely banned education, work for women. They are continuously meddling with the women dressing. Women dressed in traditional or western attire are offensive, unacceptable to them. So, they are forcing women to wear a “burqa” (actually intended to stop men from thinking about women).

Well, the Taliban are admitting they are uncontrollable monsters themselves with these actions, aren’t they?

Contrasting Pictures of Burqa clad women (Left) Traditional Afghani dressed women (Right)

The events are the grim picture of the future-Afghan women are about to suffer in the Taliban’s hands. They cannot be puppets. They are ready to lead their country to progress from rubbles of war. They need our support.

But we doubt if the United Nations (UN) can stand up for women now, except for endless debates in the UN?

Education, Liberty, Human values are helping us to succeed as individuals and nations. We must gift to those who need them and want to come with us. They are our assets, allies in unleashing human potential. Time to give them a lending hand!