India is among the fastest growing economies in the world in 2023, when we world is facing recession and job losses. But, India is suffering inflation which is 4.7% in April of 2023.

Inflation is a rise in prices over some time. In the United States, a report in inflation for 1 year from October 2021 to October 2022 was 10.9% and when they went on to find out the reason for the inflation rate highest in decades, they realized that one of the reasons for uncontrolled high inflation was because of food waste. Wasted food is a cause of lost money, as someone has to pay for it. In the end, the consumers are at a loss

International Monetary Fund

India’s growth is more than 6% as per International Monetary Fund (IMF) and this is going to continue for the next 5 years, as per estimate. The inflation rate is 4.7 lowest rate since October 2021, thanks to measures of the government by cutting excise duties on fuels and reducing import duty on key raw materials. RBI also increases the repo rate (the rate of interest or cost levied upon public and private banks for borrowing money from the apex bank).

To negate the inflation effect on our family, and lifestyle, we need to maintain financial discipline and also ensure no food gets wasted from our end. At homes, restaurants, and markets, food gets unnecessarily wasted due to improper planning. The consumer had to pay from his pocket to buy more than needed, to replace the lost food. Artificial scarcity happens to the needy.

Food gets wasted in tons.

Food gets wasted in tons. At the vegetable market, we see lots of tomatoes get wasted. Can it not be avoided? Yes, it can be done with the proper transport of tomatoes. At hotels, restaurants, and marriage halls, lots of food gets wasted, because of food mismanagement and serving things to customers which are not needed for them.

The food menu provided for catering during functions doesn’t satisfy hunger but just makes it a horrible experience for guests. Food with too much masala, spiciness thus management making sure that people eat food less. Salads get wasted. Too much spicy, masala curries get wasted as there are no buyers for it.

Food wastage creates artificial food scarcity in society Food wastage creates artificial food scarcity in society, thus prices of vegetables and commodities skyrocket. The onus is on every one of us, to save food and regulate inflation.