Abdul Razzaq, Shahid Afridi & Umar Gul, the three cricketers from Pakistan, while talking about their Pakistan team’s dismal performance at CWC 2023 world cup and the captaincy of Babar displayed their misogynistic behaviour in full public display against former Miss World Aishwarya Rai.

Aishwarya Rai is an Indian, a former Miss World, and a famous International Actress. She had never spoken about the Pakistan cricket team’s performance or captaincy. But, she and her family are now a victim of the vile comments and attitude of these three International Pakistani cricketers.

While dissecting the performance of the Pakistan cricket team and Babar’s captaincy, these three sexists from Pakistan dragged Aishwarya Rai’s name into discussion. Abdul Razzaq at this meeting stooped so low that any human in the right senses would feel ashamed of his behaviour. His sexist remarks got appreciation from his teammates, Shahid Afridi and Umar Gul. They both clapped and giggled all along, never felt to stop the misogynist even once. How can they when their behaviour is ugly?

What good can we expect from a person like Shahid Afridi who smashed his TV at his home because his daughter imitated the Hindu ritual aarti at his home? A living example of sexist, misogynistic, hateful behaviour. One can imagine the plight of a petrified child who had to face these abuses from her father since childhood.

Shahid Afridi

Even after there is video evidence to see how Shahid Afridi displayed his sexist behaviour, he never feels like apologizing. How can we expect a person to apologize when he least cares for children and women at his home? Only clarifications came that he couldn’t understand what Abdul Razzaq was saying. Only a mentally retarded person can laugh at anything and everything. Only Pakistan can find out with the help of medical staff why he has clapped and laughed.

Even Umar Gul had also mentioned the same reason as Shahid Afridi. How can one not understand Urdu, the language they talk about? If there is any face for shamelessness, then it should be the face of these three trio.

Umar Gul

We should pity the women to whom they got married.
We should pity girl children growing under them.
We should pity mothers who stay with them.
We should pity women who work with these sexists in the workplace.