Yes, there is a chance.

But for that to happen you must be born into the ‘K’ family or become their friend..

In Telangana, TSPSC competitive exam papers are leaked and the fate of lakhs of unemployed is unknown, who have been waiting for jobs notifications since Telangana formation on June 2, 2014.

Yet, if you do the liquor business, there is hope for a better life. You can wear a 20 Lakh watch, and travel on a chartered flight to attend an ED interrogation in a liquor scam case.

Charteted flight
Telangana Unemployed

The plight of the unemployed in Telangana, unable to pay rent and coaching fees, and staying away from families, who don’t know when the exams will be conducted, when they will get the jobs, is heart-wrenching and their fate hangs by thread.

Thanks to the efficient leakage system that is in place in TSPSC, every unemployed is forced to protest and study both at the same time.

It is very sad to note that, Telangana’s unemployed are unable to understand how to generate revenue. You must urgently learn about doing liquor business and understand how to implement it and they will surely end up getting a seat on a chartered flight to reach Delhi.

Liquour scam

As you reach Delhi, you can have lunch at the ED office and come back home on the same Chartered flight or can stay back for the evening to visit prominent historical places in Delhi and in the evening visit Amrit Udyan at Rashtrapati Bhavan to enjoy the fragrance of flowers and stroll along roads of Delhi.

At the midnight, an urgent petition can be placed in Supreme Court for bail in the ED case.

As you earn some money through the liquor business, you can reach out to officials for investment in exam paper leakage scams. I am sure you will be gifted a 20 Lakh watch by them in just six months!

Best of luck!