In fact, for a long time, China’s economic growth was directly linked to the performance of its manufacturing industries. The relationship between the country’s development and productivity is clear and has long provided employment opportunities for most people in China. Count the population for a moment (Worstall par. 2). Information about the rapid transfer of production to a new growth area is therefore considered dangerous.
Since there is no link between business success and productivity growth, companies in this industry have to consider strategies to improve performance and thus compete in the global market.

Subject: Growth and Productivity in China

Recent research shows that China is currently experiencing economic growth and is associated with a decline in the manufacturing sector labor market (Worstall para 5). In fact, manufacturing, once the engine of the country as a whole, has declined dramatically. This is because the Chinese economy is “running straight behind the new engine of growth” (Worstall Par.
7) According to the economy.

It would be wrong to say that this phenomenon is unique in the overall process of economic change, as the basis of economic growth varies from one to the next. However, the phenomenon studied is still unique to China, and research shows that the country has long relied on its economy: “China’s economic transformation began in 1978, when China focused more on manufacturing than agriculture.” (Hussein in Yik 39 and Yik 39). Therefore, he sees different reasons for economic success that make China’s current situation very different.

According to Worstall, companies in China saw a decline in expansion, which slowed business in China (Worstall par.
6) The fact that China is seeking new sources of economic development cannot be denied, as the injection of cash to the largest state-owned enterprises has helped stimulate the economy’s business growth. As China’s economic development will continue to gain momentum, it can be predicted that its economic development will continue to grow steadily.

Growth and Productivity in China

Executive decision on production

Based on the information given in the above article Based on the information given in the above article, it is useful to show that manufacturers in China should seek help from foreign companies. provide financing for their satisfactory economic development. In fact, the Chinese economy appears to be able to provide these companies with the help they need to improve their performance and maintain stability in China.
Chinese business. In particular, the stability of participating companies should be addressed (Worstall, para. 7).

With the latest developments in the news about the death of China’s manufacturing industry, it can be said that a small number of companies are likely to invest in companies serving in the selected field. Therefore, it is necessary to develop new technologies that improve the overall quality and performance of the enterprise.
Through outsourcing, Chinese start-ups will be able to achieve significant results by improving the professional level of the company.


As illustrated in the article by Worstall, Worstall found that the Chinese economy is not dependent on its output. On the other hand, the above changes in the structure and structure of the Chinese economy can be seen as a big step for the country, but not creating opportunities for those who own companies that manufacture in China may experience a recession in their time. causes a further decline in production and economic growth. Therefore, other strategies to increase the productivity of manufacturing companies in China and improve product quality should be considered.